17th May 2007

Arlen “Illegal Alien” Specter has to go

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Arlen Specter is a traitor to his own state. I mean seriously, Hazelton PA is on the front fricking line of the illegal immigration fight and Specter turns tail and votes for amnesty for illegals. In addition, just over the bridge we had illegal aliens involved in the Fort Dix terror plot, yet he votes for amnesty! Oh sure it’s not called amnesty but if it smells like bullshit it probably is bullshit. Heck good old Arlen is so distant from the reality of illegal immigration that if you goto his contact form and look for a list of topics that neither illegal immigration nor homeland security are listed there as topics.

He talks about how this will “restore the rule of law” Will someone please tell me how REWARDING the breaking of the law will restore the rule of law? So if someone breaks into my house, and we catch him and then give him my DVD player..that will teach other people not to break into my house? Have I landed in bizzaro world?

When Specter is up for re-election I’m going to be starting a blog-roll against him (anyone good at making the buttons etc?) and actively campiagning against this waste of congressional air. He’s a presents a poor image for Pennsylvania and is symptomatic of the rot that is in the republican party. He’s weak on defense, immigration, and is truly the epitome of a RINO. For more on the amnesty bill check out Michelle Malkin with the big round up of links and who voted for it. Follow the trackbacks to get alot more info on who is working to ruin the country.

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  1. 1 On May 17th, 2007, Tel-Chai Nation said:

    Tom Tancredo explains correctly what’s in jihad…

    Sen. Tom Tancredo has again made an excellent point during the South Carolina GOP debate. Jihad Watch points to this item from 411mania that, while it’s writer is biased, still features a winning point:…

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