28th April 2007

The protest you don’t know about

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There was and still is a series of protests going on at universities across a country and you probably haven’t heard of it.


Tehran, 27 April (AKI) – Students at the university of Lorestan, in western Iran, are carrying out an all-out protest, following the example of their peers in the capital Tehran, in Babol near the Caspian sea, and Shiraz in the west, who are rallying against new government measures imposing strict new dress codes and opening hours on campus as well as restrictions on political activity. For the past three days about 1,000 students have been occupying the campus.

The deputy dean of the university of Lorestan, Abedin Darvishpour, has also stepped down to express solidarity with the students.

“It is not possible to transform university in military barracks and demand blind obedience from the students,” Darvishpour reportedly told the protesters.

Hear about these series of protests? No I didn’t think so. Wonder why? Because the defeatist media is afraid of painting Iran as an oppressive regime. Whether it’s some mass collective guilt from being too hawkish in the days leading up to the Iraq war, or because they are tools of the Democratic Dhimmi plan who knows. What is known is that they are betraying the news, things like this are important when in the light of the nuclear arms development there. Of course, your saying “the media is biased and we all know it” (that is if your a conservative), if your a liberal you’re going to say that I’m making something out of nothing. However, I’d say to the liberals, “isnt’ this something even you would want to know about? Don’t you get your jollies off at student protests against a religous leader?” Oh wait, that’s only when it’s Bush.
For all the student’s and inhabitants of the ivory towers across America, where is your solidarity? How come you aren’t staging protests here in America to show your brothers in education in Iran that you stand with them? I would of said brothers and sisters, but we know that in Iran women are so oppressed most don’t goto college. Seriously, it’s things like this that make me want to pull an Elvis and shoot my TV, because not even Fox shows things like this, and supposedly they are the tool of the right!

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