4th March 2007

The best of the undeclared candidates

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So the other day I wrote a post about Fred Thompson and the efforts to get him to run for the republican primary. From the research I’ve done I like him alot and think he’d be a great candidate but I keep thinking that the “undeclared candidate” that most reaches out to me is Newt Gringrich. Looks like there is a “Draft Newt” movement going on also.

There are a few main things that make me really want to campaign for this man. Here is Newt on the war against terror.

First, we have two immediate opponents, the Irreconcilable Wing of Islam and the rogue dictatorships that empower the radical Islamists.

The Irreconcilable Wing of Islam believes in a strikingly different world then the one we believe. It is an uncivilized and barbaric world. This wing of Islam, and its adherents and recruits, are irreconcilable because they cannot peacefully coexist with the civilized world. Their views on the role of women, on the application of medieval religious law (the Sha’ria) and religious intolerance (prosecuting Christians) make them irreconcilable with civilization in the modern age.

Notice he doesn’t call it terrorists or terrorism..he calls out Islam. CAIR won’t like it but the truth is the truth! He also calls out the “rogue nations”:

Not since the failure of the League of Nations in the 1930s to confront the aggression of the dictatorships in Japan, Italy, and Germany have we seen such a willful challenge to the security of the world by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Here is Newt on immigration:

What should worry us is the breakdown of will on the part of America to control the borders and to ensure that new immigrants learn to be American. What should worry us is a breakdown of will to protect America’s unique civilization.

There you go, that’s what most people who believe that immigration is a problem believe. That this is not simply about people wanting to come here to work etc..but that the lack of assimilation into America and American culture is breaking down what makes America great.

Now look at what direction Newt thinks the party should move to.

So what is the way forward for the right? It’s to take a clue from our past and look beyond Washington. To renew, revitalize and re-launch the movement of Goldwater, Reagan and the Contract with America, we must concentrate our energies on the 511,000 elected offices in America, not just the presidency. The Oval Office by itself is incapable of moving to a more conservative America. We need a movement far beyond Washington.

We need to return to being the movement that cares more about a better future for Americans than about power in Washington, (emphasis mine)D.C.

I am truly hoping Newt enters the ring in September, I think even if he doesn’t win he will make voters and the candidates ask the right questions concerning the future of America. Some have said that Newt has baggage that will work against him if her runs. While true, I don’t think that should stop him because in todays day and age, ALL candidates have baggage. Hillary has Bill, Obama has his age/madrassa education/ etc, McCain has his age and his lack of conservative voting record, Romney has his flip flops, and Rudy has his divorces. So Newt has some issues, most candidates do, and if one ran that didn’t have one I’m sure his/her opponents or the MSM would be able to find or create some. I’d like to think that the 2008 election could be about ideas for moving this country foward and defending out nation against the threats both external and internal that it faces. What are your thoughts? Comments are open and I’ve posted a new poll about undeclared candidates. If I didn’t list one you like then please leave the suggestion in the comments here.

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