30th July 2006

More on Somalia

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Infidel Bloggers Alliance has some a couple of recent posts on Somalia. Nice to see more in the blogosphere on it, it’s a situation that will be going from very bad to even worse soon enough and more focus is needed on it. Here are some quick links to recent news stories on Somalia you may not of seen in the MSM. For more of what I’ve written on Somalia click the Somalia category link.

US warns Ethiopia and Eritrea not to get involved in Somalian politics.
The United States warned Eritrea and Ethiopia on Saturday to stay out of the escalating crisis in Somalia, where they are believed to be backing rival sides.
“There are many foreign elements in Somalia right now,” said Jendayi Frazer, assistant secretary of state for African affairs, citing reports that Ethiopia had sent troops to back the interim government and that Eritrea has given weapons to an Islamic militia that controls the capital.

Egypt, Syria, and Iran backing Islamic militants?
Somalia’s prime minister charged Saturday that Egypt, Libya and
Iran are arming the Islamic militants who challenge his rule, lengthening the list of countries accused of fueling this country’s political chaos.

Talks break down between Somalian government and Islamic Militants.
MOGADISHU, July 22 (Reuters) – Somalia’s Islamists refused talks with the government on Saturday, as witnesses said Ethiopia deployed more troops over the border to defend the government’s provincial base against an Islamist advance.

And of course, the Cult of Islam declares Jihad
Public Relations Advisor to the Prime Minister with the Rank of Minister, Bereket Simon, in an interview with the English service of the Voice of America Monday, said that the fundamentalists in Somalia have declared Jihad on Ethiopia.

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