27th July 2006

Jihadist for Democrats! More then meets the eye here.

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Ok, Jesus would of been a liberal, JFK would of been a Republican, and your (notso)friendly jihadists have come out of their hidey holes to say “Vote Democrat”! Hat tip to Captain’s Quarters. Seems that Al-Jazeerah has come out with an op-ed piece blasting Rick Santorum and telling folks to vote Democrat.
Yes that’s right folks, Al-Jazeerah and the DNC, working together to bring you a more Sharia America.
Now before anyone starts ranting and raving about Islamic propaganda let’s look at “al-jazeerah”.
Here’s the page blasting Rick Santorum. You’ll notice if you click the link it takes you to aljazeerah.info but the official Al-jazeera page is here that’s english.aljazeera.net. Yeah, the 1st one isn’t really al-jazeera but it’s still a silly anti-war/BDS full page. It was founded by Hassan A. El-Najjar who is an Arab-American from Palestine, schooled at the University of Georgia and he now teaches at Dalton State College. There’s more about him and his page here (yeah it’s an old article) but when you compare it to a more recent whois you get this .
So you can see that it hasn’t changed at all. Also notice the GA info in the whois. Wonder if he’s using Dalton College Computers to encourage the spread of Islam? Wouldn’t that be a conflict since they seem to receive state funding from GA but shouldn’t espouse a particular religion? Not sure on the laws here. At the very least Dalton College should make sure that none of it’s resources are used this way. While the site claims to be:

This is an educational Publication that promotes peace in the world, between Palestinians and Israelis and between the US and the Arab and Muslim worlds. Ending wars and occupation is the first step

It consistently calls the (world recognized) Israeli self defense “terrorist actions”. It’s editorials consistently bash Israel and praise the “resistance fighters” of Hamas. Not really “promoting peace” is it? Yes some places like A Newer World have discounted the the site since it really isn’t the offical “al-jazeera”. However I think that there is a problem with sites like this one that totally blast Israel and refuse to acknowledge groups like Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist (heck even the UN has said that Hezbollah needs to disarm, and we all know the UN normally only wants to disarm the US and Israel)! If you want to contact Dalton College and ask if their resources are being used to promote Anti-Semitism here’s the info.
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