26th July 2006

Is the left silent on the Israeli-Hezbollah war?

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I read this post over at Blinq and it left me pondering “Is the left really silent on this war?”. It was perplexing me for a bit, because I don’t read blogs from the left too often. On a slower news day I might, but it’s not an everyday thing for me, there’s about 30 conservative or non-political blogs I read everyday in addition to the online editions of about 6 newspapers so there’s not always enough time. Today, after reading that article on Blinq I decided to go spelunking into the depths of the left blogosphere. Here’s what I found.
Not alot either way. Looked primarily at DU and Kos and saw a lot of “lets ignore that big elephant in the corner” type posts. Oh sure saw some diaries with a lot of comments on the loss of life etc, but most of what I saw was “ostrich head in the sand” posts. It’s a rather interesting anomaly, normally the left can’t resist hammering anything that the Conservatives are for.
IMO, there are a few reasons for this:
1.) While , the Palestinians have been a left wing favorite and by extension Hezbollah they don’t want to alienate the Jewish base that is notoriously Democrat.
2.) To come out strongly either for or against War over there weakens them in Iraq. You’re like WTF right?
Here’s my reasoning on both points. Jewish Americans statistically vote and donate very heavily to the Democratic party (I don’t know why since the Repubs are much better friends, they just do), to look weak on Israel’s right to exist and defend itself would seriously hurt the Dem’s coffers AND weaken them in the blue northeast states. If they come out strongly for Israel fighting terrorist Hezbollah it weakens their arguement on pulling troops out of Iraq. If they come out strongly against Israel hammering Hezbollah then they look very weak on the war against Islamic Jihadists. Repubs will bash them with stones either way. The best democratic tact might be to try and remain as silent as possible on it.
Now you’re saying “Logan, thats the Dem party you’re talking about, not the Left Blogs”. Well you sir/madam/not sure are 100% correct, that’s what I was talking about there. However, you see it’s tied to the left blogosphere. The blogosphere is very tied to what the leaders and talking heads in both parties are saying/doing. When the Dem leaders are keeping lower profiles or staying away from making a hard line stance either way, it leaves the sheep on the left blogosphere very unsure of which way to go. Yeah the Wingnuts on the Right, are always yapping (myself included) about what the people on their side say, but we come out hard on our side when we don’t agree with them and defend them equally as hard when we do agree (see immigration debates for proof).When was the last time you saw the left blogosphere slam a Democrat not named Lieberman?
In addition, it’s important to remember that the left blogosphere is facing a huge conundrum here. Defend the civilians of Lebanon in Beruit, Tyre, etc and by this defense stand against the civilians of Israel in Haifa, Sderot, etc. Or do they do the opposite? See, the problem they face? The right has it much easier, see we don’t look at this as “civillians being hurt” we look at this as “War on Terror”. Yeah we realize that civilians are getting hurt but we realize that to stand by and do/say nothing is to give the terrorists aid by our silence. Something the left still needs to learn.

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