12th October 2007

Cup of STFU goes to..

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The members of the committee who gave a Nobel PEACE prize to Al Gore. I’ve got an inconvient question to ask.. What the fuck does a crocumentary so full of the crap that Micheal Moore wishes he made it have to do with peace? I’m not even going to get into all the lies ahem inconsistencies in the film. Let’s just think about Nobel Peace Prize here and what a joke it’s become. We can now place Al Gore in the same breath as:

  • Yasser “make sure the bomb vest is tight” Arafat. This schmuck didn’t do a thing for PEACE, but rather PIECES as in pieces of suicide bomber.
  • Jimmy “Misery Index” Carter. Radical Islam got it’s first major major foothold in our times during his reign. Perhaps if he had any testicular fortitude and had carpet bombed Tehran when they had their revolution and took our people hostage we wouldn’t have such a big mess there now.
  • Kofi “sure I’ll take that bribe” Annan. Single handedly kept Saddam in power and wealth during the embargo’s.
  • The United “to do nothing” Nations. Really do I need to say how the UN is against peace? They want war as a way to justify their existence aka need.
  • Mohamed “I don’t see any nukes here” Elbaredhi. The Mr. Magoo of nuclear inspectors.


Yes those sure are some people dedicated to peace in the world. Al Gore should be proud to be among them. He’s done as much for world peace as any of them i.e. not a damn thing. The prize and the committee has become a joke of such global proportions that I think few if any care about it anymore.


Maybe the committee feels that so many people are fighting because it’s too hot and that if things were a little cooler we might not go to war?  If that’s the case let me nominate Jack Welch of GE fame, because they make some truly kicking air conditioners. So today I present a cup of STFU to the committee for the Nobel Peace Prize, the only people more worthless then the recent winners.


Cup of STFU

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