5th September 2007

Fred Thompson on Leno

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I’m watching Fred on Leno now, and he seems to have this tendency to slap his knee while talking…anyone else notice that? Right now he’s talking about his “competition” basically not saying anything combative but that’s smart since he’s just now getting into the race. Jay hit him with the “lazy like a fox” thing and Fred’s handling it pretty well. He’s getting into the 15 minute ad on his page, I’ll check it out before going to bed and comment on it here in an update.

I think Fred’s doing the right thing by announcing on Leno overall. The debate tonight was on Fox, the undecided centrist voters aren’t watching that channel but they do watch Leno. Fred can take his candidacy to a larger group of undecideds then by being in the debate. In addition, Fred can get on Hannity and Colmes any time he wants to and talk to Fox viewers. He also gave himself some more breathing room before being the target for all the attacks of the other candidates, and make no mistake about it, Fred will be a target. Sure some shots got sent across his bow during the debate but no one could go right after him without him being there. The next debate you will see Romney, Guilani and others coming right after him.

Fred’s talking about Iraq and I’m liking it. He’s talking about how it’s part of a larger picture and reminds everyone of what the world would look like if we hadn’t gone in there. Iran would be developing their nukes, and Saddam would be trying the same thing to keep pace, effectively starting a nuke race in the middle east. People forget what we could be looking at right now. It’s a good thing to remind us all of what things could be like.

Now he’s on Iran and reminding us all that Iran really means. Basically called Ahmednejehad a nut and he’s SO right there.

Money quote on America’s world popularity:
“American has shed more blood for other peoples liberties then all other countries of the world combined”.

That got a huge cheer and it should of cause it’s dead on. All in all Fred handled things very well on Leno, now he’s got to survive the next 30 days, raise a ton of money and not make any stupid mistakes. Going to go watch his ad on Imwithfred.com and will come back with my thoughts on it.


Ok I’ve listened to the ad. It’s roughly what you got from all the other candidates 6 months ago. The “here’s who I am and what I’m about” speech. That’s all well and good but Fred better step up and step up fast with some policy positions and come out of the gate strong or otherwise he’ll be relegated to the back of the group.

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