12th July 2007

Explain this to me again?….

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I’ve had arguments for years with my African-American friends concerning the democrats. Wondering why they always were so avidly Democrat in politics. Considering the self perpetuating welfare state the Dem’s keep selling, considering the huge religious gap between African Americans and the Democrat party (really factor out African American’s and what % of Dem’s will call themselves “Christians” much less then 50% I’m sure), the Dem’s take the African American vote entirely for granted, take for example this:



Clinton Is No-Show At NAACP Convention
The NAACP convention is under way and will continue without one of its featured guests.

Former President Bill Clinton was expected to speak at the convention Wednesday and give out awards, but because of some confusion, Clinton did not make an appearance.

Clinton was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the convention where youths got together to speak about their behavior, the way they dress and present themselves.

Ok, seriously can you name 1 Nationally known Republican who would of agreed to speak there and not of shown up? I’m waiting….. really, someone like Guilani, Thompson or Romney would of run over their own mother for that chance. Yet Bill “The first Black President” Clinton seems to have gotten it mixed up in his day planner? I did a quick (and I mean quick) search on the net and couldn’t find where Bill Clinton was at today but apparently it was important enough to say “screw it” to the NAACP Convention. The media took a yawn over it and there’s no protest from Sharpton, Jackson, etc. It simply boggles my mind that African American’s simply lie back and take whatever crap the Democrats want to spoon out as truth when Republicans, especially this President has done more for minorities then any other President.

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  1. 1 On July 13th, 2007, nigger hater said:

    Too bad he couldnt have agreed to meet all the niggers up a tree and then he coulve stolen the ladder!
    he he.
    fucking niggers would have to fall out on their big fat asses.
    ps – to self respecting repub would bother trying to figure out why niggers dress that way.

  2. 2 On July 13th, 2007, Logan said:

    Ok, now look you’re a racist moron. Go away and do not come back. So cowardly that you wouldn’t leave contact info for your comment, chicken shit.

  3. 3 On July 13th, 2007, merlyworm said:

    Good to see that the racist weenie of the world still sound like morons. Yay.

  4. 4 On July 13th, 2007, nigger hater said:

    being a racist means im not a moron. in fact, if you are white and dont recognize your superiority, then you would be the moron. if you are otw, you cant help it.
    regardless, you have to admit its a pretty funny thought to get all the monkeys up in a tree. would have to be a pretty strong tree though. have you seen how fat their women (or womenzez if you be speaking to a nigger) are? stupid fried chicken crack smoking niggers cant even figure out how to take care of themselves. why would/should anyone who is interviewing to be the leader of the free world give them the time of day? Let em eat themselves to death. diabetes is thinning a very fat herd for us.

  5. 5 On July 14th, 2007, Stephanie said:

    Check out this new country hit song on youtube called “Press One For English”

    It’s had almost 4 million hits in just a month. Pass it on!


  6. 6 On July 15th, 2007, Logan said:

    You’re a coward NH and a moron. It’s scum like you that continues the cycle of hate that make me sick, do me a favor and don’t come back.

  7. 7 On August 7th, 2007, Anna Domini said:

    Hi Logan.

    You know what, it’s probably best just to ignore the sadly ignorant folk of the world.

    I don’t follow politics all that much, but from what I have studied in history and such, the Democrats seem to be the better party for blacks. Did Republicans help much with Civil Rights? I don’t think so.

    You are right when you question the unfaltering adherence to a party that takes any group’s support for granted. Where the hell was Bill Clinton? That’s kinda odd!!

    Since I’m not so ‘up with’ politics, I am not at all aware of what the Republicans have done for this group of minorities. Could you shed some light on this? I mean what have they done for blacks that should make blacks band together and switch sides?

    Sidenote: Terms like “the black vote” and so on bother the hell out of me. As if all black people share the same brain or something! Politics make my head spin! But I will stop in on your site every once in a while (even though I’m a democrat) because you seem like good folk.

    : )


  8. 8 On August 8th, 2007, Logan said:

    Anna, I would love nothing more then to just delete and/or ignore comments from racist scum. However I worry that ignoring them will almost signify my silent agreement and that I can’t have. Now, as to what Republicans have done for blacks, well to start with Lincoln was a Republican. Republicans passed the 1st Civil Rights Act that stated that all creeds and colors were to be treated equally. It didn’t specify blacks, it stated all colors because republicans think of everyone as American first not as in their individual color. In addition, the 14th Amendment which gave rights to the freed slaves was supremely a Republican article. Every democrat in congress voted against it, luckily the Republicans held such a majority they could force it through. The 1964 Civil Rights act was essentially the same civil rights act that the Republicans passed almost 100 years earlier in 1875 (that in 1883 was declared unconstitutional and struck down). History is full of examples, go look here for some good ones http://www.ccrgop.org/CivilRights.htm
    As to your side note, I can understand your feelings about the phrase “black vote”. Unfortunately when such a large portion of ethnicity votes one direction, they get a title! Democrats receive something like 95% of black voters during any presidential election. I appreciate you stopping by, dig your site also. I’ve been slack in posting lately and I need to get my ass in gear, which I promise to do.

  9. 9 On August 8th, 2007, Anna Domini said:

    The republican party and the deomcratic party actually swapped ideology at some point in history — I forget when, though. So most of the Republican civil rights legislation from the 19th century, I believe, can’t properly be credited to “today’s” Republican party. I will check my facts though, so don’t quote me on this.

    I will totally check out that link you gave me, though, soon as I have some time.

    And yeah, I understand the “black vote” thing, but still, it SUCKS. It makes elections stupid! I’m just an idealist who would really like it if elections were about ideals and progress and less about ‘trying to get votes’.


    Be back laters.

  10. 10 On August 8th, 2007, Anna Domini said:


    I am totally going to pray for that guy who posted here because he’s sad. Maybe he’s joking? Whatever, still sad!

    And yeah, I see your point.

  11. 11 On August 10th, 2007, merlyworm said:

    Not swapped, moved to the left together. Todays democrat party is basically a mild communist party… And todays republican party is much more what the democrats were in the 60′s. JFK would be a republican if he lived today.

    I really dislike calling myself a republican. I’m a conservative. mebbe a constitutionalist. Republican includes far too many liberals for my tastes.

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