3rd July 2007

The price of Liberty..

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Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.
John F. Kennedy

I saw this quote and it made me yearn for the days when Democrats had the cahones to stand up to someone not named Bush. Of course, being relatively young (37), I’ve never really seen those days. I’ve seen the days of Carter responding meekly to the Iranians, I grew up spending a lot of time in VFW’s and American Legion Posts with my Dad listening to how we could of won Vietnam if the politicians had stayed out of it, I’ve seen Clinton running out of Somalia and all the effects it had there. Now I see the Democrats declaring the war in Iraq is lost and crying for a pullout. I think that it’s because of things I’ve seen that I have a respect, even if begrudgingly, for Democrats like Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman. It really starts to make my blood boil, that later today, while people are out eating burgers and dogs, while we’re watching fireworks ostensibly to celebrate our fight for independence that Democrats are planning and plotting on how to get us to surrender in Iraq. I wonder how the Democrat Party could of moved so far away from words of JFK
I’m reminded of that Ronald Reagan quote:

I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrats left me”

Now I wonder who else the Democrats are trying to leave behind. The list is sad in it’s occupants. The Democrats want to leave the Iraqi’s, the Afghani’s, the Israeli’s, the memories of the soldiers who’ve given life and limb in Iraq and Afghanistan, and quite frankly ever soldier that’s over there now, it wants to leave behind the ideals that America finishes what is starts and it wants to leave behind the America that JFK spoke of. It’s frustrating talking to extreme lefties these days, the vitriolic acid that drips from their voices or in their posts concerning Bush (sure I got my problems with the dude but not like the moonbats) or Cheyney.
The media isn’t any better. It just parrots the talking points of the Democrats cheerfully walking in lockstep with them down the road of abandoning the Iraqi’s and a little piece of our soul all at the same time. The shift has happened over time, it started with editorial pages and then slowly progressed to effect the entire newsroom and into our TV sets. What’s so astonishing is not only the amount of lies they will tell, but rather the truths they won’t tell. For reference go look at Michael Yon’s post Bless the Beasts and the Children. In it he talks about a village where over the course of some time Al-Quaeda slaughtered and tortured every man, woman, child, and even animals in the entire village so they could use it as a base to plant bombs on a local road. Even though there are other embedded reporters in Baqubah not one is reporting in the MSM about the slaughter Al-quaeda did here. He’s offered his pictures free of charge to outlets who want to broadcast about this slaughter, as I write this not one has taken him up on it. Our media is complicit in their silence, they don’t want to broadcast about this slaughter, rather they will lead with the latest American casualties in an effort to aid the Democrats path to surrender. They know that reporting an atrocity like this will instill support in our troops trying to bring peace and freedom to Iraq. How sad it is, that on a day we all celebrate our independence the Democrats and the media are working so hard to make us give up on granting the Iraqi’s the same thing. The last word tonight on the subject comes from this email that Instapundit put on his page (hat tip to HotAir.com).

Yon’s story doesn’t get attention because it is humiliating.

It is humiliating because it is obvious that we media – and our allies in the state department, the legal trade, the NGOs, the Democratic Party, the UN, etc., – can’t do squat about such determined use of force.

Our words, images, arguments and skills can’t stop the killing. Only the rough soldiers and their guns can solve the problem, and we won’t admit that fact because the admission would weaken our influence and our claim to social status.

So we pretend Yon’s massacre – and the North Korean killing fields, the Arab treatment of women, the Arab hatred of Israel, etc. – doesn’t exist, and instead focus our emotions and attention on the somewhat-bad domestic things that we can ‘fix’ with our DC-based allies. Things such as Abu Ghraib, wiretapping, etc. When we ‘fix’ them, then we get status, applause, power, new jobs, ego, etc.

Please don’t be surprised. We media are an interest group not much different from the automakers, the unions, and the farmers.

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