28th May 2007

Barletta’s win should tell the pro-amnesty folks something

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It probably won’t change the minds of amnesty idiots like Specter or Kennedy, but any politician from either side that is on the fence on the illegal-immigration issue should pay special attention to this. Mayor Barletta not only won the republican primary with 94 frigging % of the total votes but he won the DEMOCRAT primary as a write in candidate. Now think about this, an overwhelming majority of the republicans in Hazelton wanted him back, AND he beat all democratic contenders as a write in on the other side. This in a town that is 2-1 democrat. I’m sure he has other planks in his platform but the major one is the illegal immigration reform act. Yes, he trounced everyone based on a single plank.

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who gained national prominence by targeting illegal immigrants living in his small northeastern Pennsylvania city, cruised to the Republican nomination for a third term on Tuesday — and unexpectedly won the Democratic nomination, too.

Barletta trounced GOP challenger Dee Deakos with nearly 94 percent of the vote. And he beat former Mayor Michael Marsicano for the Democratic nomination by staging a last-minute write-in campaign, all but guaranteeing himself another term, unofficial returns showed.

“I think the message is clear,” Barletta said. “The people of Hazleton want me to keep fighting for them.”

The Republican mayor said Democrats kept telling him they wished they could vote for him in the primary. So, about a week ago, he mailed instructions to Democratic voters on how to write in his name.< (emphasis mine-logan)/blockquote>

Notice the bold print. About a WEEK ago he mailed something out to the democrats and he still won their primary. It’s not like he spent tons of money on tv ad’s etc, he sent them a letter and they voted for him! In addition the pro-immigration reform folks beat back an attempted insurgency on the city council.

Also Tuesday, two Hispanic candidates lost their primary bids for two open seats on Hazleton City Council. One of the candidates, Rudy Espinal, is a plaintiff in the illegal immigrant lawsuit

Ladies and Gentlemen, methinks the people of Hazelton are damn serious about fixing immigration. I just wish our Congress as determined.

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