16th May 2007

How Democrats have made Iraq into Vietnam

Early on in the war on terror, we constantly heard the cries from the loonie left about how Iraq is ‘Bush’s Vietnam.’ We were told that we could never win such a war, and that by waging war on our enemies in such a fashion, we would make the world hate us.

Now, most of this claim is still plain wrong. The world does tend to hate the United States. Not because we are waging a war, but because we’re the greatest county that has ever existed. We’re rich beyond some countries ability to even imagine. We’re basically free of dictatorship insanity, and have the real ability to be prosperous, no matter who you are. This is the real reason we’re hated. Never forget it. Its envy that drives the hate.

Anyways, so now that the dems have control of the house and Senate, they are doing their best to have us run for the hills. I came across this news article:

“We’ve not, on this side of aisle, lost sight of the fact the American people have concluded the president’s Iraq policy has failed and we’re demanding a new way forward,” said Reid, of Nevada, who a few weeks ago concluded the Iraq war was “lost.”

Gotta love how Reid speaks for all of us, eh? Sounds an awful lot like the crap that we heard about Vietnam. They continue to try and place the template of failure on Iraq. Lets completely forget the good we’ve done. Lets just leave because its tough! Yeah! That worked so well for WWII. In terms of casualties and timetables, WWII would be a complete failure to these putzes.

Lets not forget the press, tho. The mainstream press is a HUGE part as to why we’re ‘losing’ this war. The very same thing happened in Vietnam. The North KNEW they could never win a war against the US. Not if they had to actually fight them without help. They got the help they needed…..From the US press. The part that gets me the most about it is the North KNEW that the press was helping them. They read the papers, too. They knew all they had to do is wait. The war in Vietnam was lost by the press and the stupid hippies. Make love, not war! Crap.

The same thing is happening now. Terrorists kill a couple people and some troops and the press reports that the world is ending. The terrorists read the papers and watch CNN, too… They know very well that all they have to do is wait, and the left will hand them victory. I admit that the war could be fought better. If I were in charge, I would invade Iran to help solve the influx of turds from there. But thats just me and my right-wing hate speaking.

The press and the American left are waging a grand, and very successful, propaganda campaign. Its working. All the American masses hear are what the left and the media (isnt that basically the same thing?) want them to hear. The war in Iraq is NOT lost. Things are goin about as well as can be expected, really. ITS THE MIDDLE EAST! There’s never really been peace there. But, we can make a good attempt at making things much less hate-filled by installing democratic type governments. Yes, I said installing. It is our right to make our lives safer by doing so. Remember WWII? We toppled several governments then, and installed democratic governments. And those countries went on to be quite prosperous.

The counter to it? An educated public. A public that actually looks past the headlines. We’re getting better with all the blogs and ‘pajama media.’ We need more, tho. Spread the word.


 PS – As a mini-response to Logan’s top 10 list, I’ll give my top 1 reason to get a conservative president: Supreme Court. Its easily the most important reason to get conservatives in there. We need more conservative judges on there. Period.

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