4th May 2007

Who is John Galt?

Anyone who has read “Atlas Shrugged” *edited 6-5 by Logan, screwed up the name folks, thanks to the reader who pointed it out*, by Ayn Rand knows that line. Merlyworm called it one of his favorite books and it ranked just below the Bible on the list of influential books. It’s a book that almost ever conservative will list among their favorits and one that liberals are afraid of people reading. Well the more things happen in this world the more I’m thinking of Rand as a prophet.

Look here are what’s going on in South America. It’s right out of the book. Chavez has “nationalized” the oil companies i.e. looted them from the companies that spent billions getting them to that point. Now he’s threatening the banks and steel producers, unless the give huge discounts to companies in Venezuela. In Atlas Shrugs it was the copper mines.

“Private banks have to give priority to financing the industrial sectors of Venezuela at low cost,” Chavez said. “If banks don’t agree with this, it’s better that they go, that they turn over the banks to me, that we nationalize them and get all the banks to work for the development of the country and not to speculate and produce huge profits.”

It’s right out of the book. Almost prophetic. Where is our John Galt to put an end to it all?

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  1. 1 On June 4th, 2007, Anna Domini said:

    Ayn Rand writes great books, but at heart she tends to kill the spirit.

    I read her and recommend to her all my friends, and I’m not a conservative.

    P.S. The name of the book is “Atlas Shrugged”.

  2. 2 On June 4th, 2007, Anna Domini said:

    Forgive my typo in the second line, folks.

  3. 3 On June 4th, 2007, Logan said:

    Yeah I need to fix that. You are right it is Atlas Shrugged.

  4. 4 On June 6th, 2007, Anna Domini said:

    : )

  5. 5 On June 6th, 2007, Anna Domini said:


  6. 6 On June 6th, 2007, Logan said:

    Anna, thanks for commenting here. Feel free to comment on anything else and to visit our forums and post to your hearts content there too!


  7. 7 On October 16th, 2007, RB said:

    The John Gaults of Venezuela are still free enough to leave the country. Venezuela will end up much as that world described by Rand in Atlas Shrugged. It will be empty of those that think and produce. It will be a nation populated by poor ignorant slaves and those that feed off them.

    Anna, Rand was not the least bit “conservative”. You may have read the books, but you didn’t understand them.

  8. 8 On November 1st, 2007, Logan said:

    Don’t think of her as a “conservative” but I do think that every conservative will be touched by her writing. Especially about getting the rewards for hard work and that those not wanting to work should not benefit from the sweat of my brow.

  9. 9 On January 30th, 2008, Tyler said:

    Ayn rand is no prophet. She was told to write Atlas Shrugged by Phillip Rothschild.The house of Red Shield.It is the Bible of the elite and was not to be read by the common folks thats why its 1100 pages. It is an instruction book on how to bring this nation down.Ayn rand ended up in the collective with Greenspand.House of green shield.

  10. 10 On February 24th, 2008, Jerry said:

    I agree. Rand’s work grates against my socialistic values. I read her work, but hate every narcissistic character. Now that you mention it, I see much of her ideas in the Bush (prez) familiy and associates. (Read House of Saud-House of Bush). I hate them too. So anti-family and devoid of any moral values. Much like Rand’s characters.

  11. 11 On March 9th, 2008, Iron Mustang said:

    Are you really implying the common man can’t read a 1100 page book? This common man did it at 16. Quit making excuses and work for yours like John Gault did.

    Bush anti-family? Come on!

  12. 12 On March 30th, 2008, Vper said:

    Why is it that someone who claims socialistic values is the only one so far who has used the work “hate” in response? How do you have the right to have an opinion in a socialistic society? Venezuela is not the only country that is facing the looters and rotters. The US is experiencing a daily increase. Most people do not see it. All they see is a potential for them to get health care or retirement, nor does it stop there. This country is in for an interesting future that I believe will come sooner than later.

    As for me…
    I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

  13. 13 On April 21st, 2008, Tisa said:

    I loved Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and I consider myself a social liberal. Her book is not only about the individualist vs. the collective, but about excellence vs. mediocrity. Bush and some of his cronies are the antithisis of the Ayn Rand hero.

    Socialist or capitalist, her story is about what one good, self assured mind can accomplish against the often mediocre platitudes we are offered that are supposed to stand for substance. Although I found her theories made no room for the gray areas in life where most of us are forced to live, her books are still a good read and worth the time.

    Conservatives can claim her, but she does NOT believe in anything mystical, including religion. Man relies on himself and his brain to come up with the answers instead of waiting for something from without to save us.

    Twist it every which way you will, but Rand did preach helping others who help themselves….and that is what we must practice.

  14. 14 On May 22nd, 2008, Alex said:

    Although some of the themes are certainly important to conservatives they are more closely modeled by the ever-popular Libertarian Party.

  15. 15 On June 19th, 2008, Tyler said:

    John C. Gault graduating class Yale U 1966. President John Gault SA fellow member Geneva Center for Strategic Policies, (GCSP).Huge oil speculator. GCSP founded through the Dept. of Defence of India. Plans for goals of almost every nation on earth by 2015. Help yourself and read about it for your self. P.S. Read Ayn Rands non- fiction book (The Virtues of Selfishness.) Think about it!

  16. 16 On July 7th, 2008, Linda said:

    While I found the book interesting, the characters “heroic”, I must say that the whole presentation is so black vs white, evil vs good, slovenly vs industrious, that it must have been a neo-con’s wet dream come true.

    NOTHING in the universe is quite so one sided, nor so clear cut IMHO and Rand did leave much to be desired in the development of her characters.
    While I finished the book, I don’t think I was quite so stirred by this rather “simplistic and self-serving” outlook at the “industrious” vs “the slacker”.

    and, after all, it was a work of “fiction

  17. 17 On July 31st, 2008, Nan said:

    I read Atlas Shrugged. It’s a very entertaining read and has heroic characters. But with the credit turmoil and bad state of banking and financing, it appears that regulations are a necessity. Industries make tons of profits in prosperous years and then in one bad year ask tax payers to bail them out. “Free” market preachers make intellectual campaign to defend industries and make sure that the “for profit” industries are not accountable to tax payers.

  18. 18 On October 1st, 2008, chris drysdale said:

    Re Anna Domini….what spirit are you referring to? These writings rail against the BONDAGE of the human spirit. Ayn Rand was writing about YOU! Why would you recommend to any friend something which you feel will “kill the spirit”?

  19. 19 On October 3rd, 2008, Tyler from Seattle said:

    I have tried in a few comments above to tell anyone who will listen this is not a fiction book. The destruction by design is real. By implementing laws and regulations that greatly weaken this country until it implodes and the lights go out while John Gault moving his finger in the symbol of the dollar very pleased with himself. It’s almost complete now, look around at what is going on in this country.

  20. 20 On October 5th, 2008, Judith said:

    Will Barrak Obama be the ultimate friend to the destroyer or just another looter?

    In either case those who value life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness must all become their own version of John Gault.

  21. 21 On October 14th, 2008, Jim said:

    Judith got the question right. Obama is certainly a looter in the employ of looters and moochers.

  22. 22 On November 2nd, 2008, vperry said:

    “Obama is certainly a looter in the employ of looters and moochers.”

    How did it come to this?

    Has individualism been taken over by collectivism?

  23. 23 On November 13th, 2008, Carolyn said:

    While reading this book, I couldn’t help but think, how did Ayn Rand gain admittance to the DNC war room?

    The moratorium on brains, the importance of my need demanding that you fill it — sounds like some planks in the platform! Add to that forcing everyone to eat soybeans and go without — sounds like Algore’s kind of people!

  24. 24 On January 12th, 2009, Alan said:

    I finally figured out who John Gualt is.
    He is the dead man in Yossarian’s tent!

  25. 25 On January 23rd, 2009, Cheri said:

    I read this book years ago, and have recommended it to my children, students and anyone who will listen. I think the main message I so enjoyed was, that of being responsible for oneself, not expecting others or government to take care of you. That is something that is becoming more and more discouraged. There are programs for most every social ill out there, but there is little in the way that would actually encourage people to be responsible for their own futures.

    It is interesting that some are blaming capitalism for the economic collapse, when capitalism was crippled in the 20′s, and has been further destroyed with the recent round of federal “help.” Capitalism has not been allowed to function properly for decades.

    We live in a society where it is no longer good to excel, or win. These are the people who are frowned at as greedy or evil. While those who refuse to work or help their own are held up as examples of virtue.

    Those out there who only see gray, and do not recognize that black and white also exist, have committed us to a path that will only lead to black and white, but not of the type that should be embraced.

    I find it interesting that those that rant against faith and extol humanism are the ones that are upholding a single man as their new savior and pledging themselves to him. I believe that could be described as faith.

    This book was very interesting. We the Living is also interesting, it will be fascinating to see the parallels that occur in our own country.

  26. 26 On February 24th, 2009, Mike said:

    A friend loaned me the audio book and I just started it, the parallels to our current situation are amazing. On Venezuela I can say there is no one left to improve the country and the people. 90% of the talent has been forced out and those that are left won’t make decisions. Their oil industry was in decline in the mid 90′s brought back by US technology and investment and again being looted by a dictator. There won’t be change there until their oil industry shuts down and Chavez can no longer pacify the masses with promises.

  27. 27 On February 24th, 2009, Judith said:

    Yes, Ayn Rand is unfortunatly proving to be a prophet.
    I keep looking for Mr. Gualt and thought I saw him on cmbc last week in Chicago on the stock exchange floor. Has anyone else seen any signs of hope lately or is the change going to be with out hope?

  28. 28 On February 26th, 2009, Tyler from Seattle said:

    NO Judith. NOT a prophet.A paid informant by LORD Phillip ROTHSCHILD. This book was an educational manual for the inner circle disguised as a work of fiction. TRY this. Type in the name JOHN TODD. He talked about this in 1978. Then check JOHN C GAULT. Read his bio.{GCSP}

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