1st May 2007

It’s May Day, let’s all go break a law!

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Well, today is May Day, and the libtards are out leading the pro-illegal immigration rallies around the country.

Demonstrators demanding a path to citizenship for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants hope that nationwide marches will spur Congress to act before the looming presidential primaries take over the political landscape.

Marches, meetings and voter registration drives were planned Tuesday from California to New York, a year after 1 million flexed their economic muscle in a nationwide boycott during last year’s May 1 activities.

Woohoo, let’s all celebrate and push the fact that our borders have more holes in it then a pound of swiss cheese. Does America see the problem here, 12 million ILLEGAL immigrants. The protests are nothing more then a celebration of law breaking and an encouragement to break more. Perhaps all legal American’s should go break a law to show solidarity? Maybe we should make May 8th Foreign Flag Burning day? We could burn the flags of Iran, Mexico, Honduaras, and Venezuela to show support for breaking the laws of America! Oh wait, as Americans we’re supposed to OBEY the laws of the country. Why isn’t that same criteria put on those who wish to be Americans? Is it a case of double standards? Heck if that’s the case let me be an “illegal” so I can get away with breaking laws, free health care, and do as I wish when I wish!

The media will play up all the “tragedy” of parents being split up from their kids by deportation. They are hawking every story like that every chance they can. Look here for a nice heart wrenching one.

As Deportation Pace Rises, Illegal Immigrants Dig In
NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — The day after his wife was deported to their home country, Honduras, Lilo Mancía grieved as though she had died.

Neighbors arrived with doughnuts and juice for their two small children, while Mr. Mancía, an illegal immigrant like his wife, María Briselda Amaya, took telephone calls from relatives and tried not to break down.

Lilo grieved as if she died! Can’t you just feel the empathy bleeding through the screen. Sorry if I seem heartless here but their entire time in this country is built on breaking a law. Every day they loot resources from legal citizens.

Stitching military backpacks in the Bianco factory at $7.00 an hour, the couple achieved stability that felt almost like prosperity.

Now, let’s think about this here just a second. 7.00 an hour sucks, however is that 7.00 an hour under the table? If so then isn’t the company Lilo works for and Lilo and his wife depriving the government and you, by extension, of tax monies that could aid in easing the tax burden of every legal citizen? Not to mention they are breaking another law, but hey it’s May Day so all law breaking gets a pass today. Now what if the 7.00 an hour is above board, taxed etc. How did Lilo and his wife get hired, without being here legally? Could it be they used a falsified social security number? Could it be a stolen number? Who knows. The reporter glosses over that area and chooses to ignore it. I mean it would of been really hard to find out the truth there wouldn’t it? Um nope, try googling Bianco New Bedford (Bianco is the name of the company mentioned in the article and New Bedford is the town). The first article that comes up is this one here.

Up to 350 in custody after New Bedford immigration raid

By Yvonne Abraham, Globe Staff

An army of 300 federal immigration agents raided a New Bedford leather manufacturer today and arrested the company’s owner and three managers on charges that they hired illegal workers to meet labor demands fueled by millions of dollars in contracts with the US military.

Wait a minute, I’m sure the company was just trying to help out these law abiding illegal immigrants by giving them decent jobs so they can live the American dream, right?

US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan called the working conditions at the factory “horrible” at a press conference today in Boston.

So back to whether or not they were paying taxes and contributing to American society.

The indictment accused the company’s owner, Francesco Insolia, of having knowingly and actively hired illegal immigrants to expand his workforce. It alleged that not only did Insolia and his management staff knowingly accept false documents, but that they also instructed illegal immigrants on how to obtain fake documents

So Lilo and his wife, break the law to get into the country, then when here break the law again by forging false documentation. Now they have 2 small children. Anyone with kids will tell you that means trips to the Doctor, hospital, and emergency rooms. It comes with the territory of having kids. Who’s paying for that? Not the employer with their “horrible” conditions at the factory, I’m sure that didn’t come with benefits. You pay for that, I pay for that, every legal citizen in this country pays for that.
The main stream media would have you feel sympathy for illegal immigrants. They just repeat over and over how all they want is a better life for them and their families. That may be true, however they seek to get this better life by breaking our laws and looting the pockets of those here legally. The press and pro illegal immigration folks want you to show solidarity today with all those who break our laws by sneaking into the country. Perhaps we all should show our solidarity with them by breaking a law ourselves?

Others talking about illegal immigration today (I’ll update as I find more posts about it):

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  1. 1 On May 1st, 2007, merlyworm said:

    Yeah. Today, the first shift at the packing plant I work at is closing at 10:30 for the ‘celebration’.

    While I do think that there ARE illegal aliens that are productive (like the ones at my plant, making $13-16 an hour) the vast majority are leeches on the american tax dollar and should be removed. the INS should be at the parades and checking everone’s papers.

    (And before you say it, my plant cannot fill all the jobs we need to be filled, even WITH some illegals. Americans dont wanna work anymore. Its freaking sick when good paying jobs are left empty because Americans dont wanna do a job thats hard. Lazy bums.)

  2. 2 On May 7th, 2007, Monica-Philadelphia said:

    Where is this packing plant? I do need a job and would be very happy to make 13-16 bucks an hour.

  3. 3 On May 7th, 2007, Logan said:

    It’s in Wisconsin, Milwaukee area I believe.

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