30th March 2007

The French military strikes back!

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This should be at the top of every news broadcast. The French have won a military victory. That’s first real French military victory since..well since I can remember. Actually isn’t “French military victory” a huge paradox? Hrm, it might be. Well lets look at what happened.

Saw this article in The Independent.

Thousands flee into Darfur after raid by French troops devastated ‘ghost town’

So at first I thought the French just destroyed a bunch of empty buildings. Then I read further and saw.

A raid by French paratroops on rebels in the Central African Republic (CAR) destroyed a town and forced 2,000 civilians to flee into neighbouring Darfur.

Details of the three-day operation – the extent of which had been kept secret by the French army chief of staff – were obtained by The Independent after a United Nations emergency mission travelled to Birao, which is on the Sudan border.

Now how bad do you have to terrorize/rape/pillage etc. for people to flee INTO Darfur? That’s got to be pretty bad. Why would the French do such a thing? Could it be that they felt threatened? No it was for this:

But the Birao operation, which began on 4 March, seems to have been order-ed to evacuate 18 French soldiers stationed in the town since December.

Now don’t get me wrong, I support the French (wow that was hard to type) if their people were threatened and needed to be rescued. Much like I hope the French would support the British if they went after Iran to get it’s 15 people back. Now we know if they did that though the world would go apeshit with the condemnation of the British and the US. I’m sure the UN condemned the French for their actions here though, right?

Mr Lanzer did not wish to speculate. “It is not helpful to play the blame game. Our mission is humanitarian and it is urgent. We need to trace the thousands of civilians who have disappeared, and save lives.”

So, it’s ok to use force to rescue your own people when they are being held captive, right? What’s ironic is that the Central African Republic is really a puppet state of France, and they couldn’t even control it enough to protect their own people!

France has a defence agreement with CAR and practically runs the country’s army. It has previously argued that its operations are aimed at preventing the spread of the Darfur crisis.

Yeah they are stopping the spread, they chased 2000 people INTO Darfur. Talk about adding kindling to a fire. Wonder if Clooney and Bono will be chastising the French anytime soon?

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