22nd March 2007

Update on the Mohammed/Allah cartoons in France

1st post this week, been on the road all week for work and the schedule isn’t going to get better. Saw an update on the French paper I wrote about back on 2-13 here. Back then I wrote:

The verdict, whatever it may be, bears watching. Not only for the precedent it could set in Europe but for Islam’s response to it. It also remains to be seen if it will get any play in the American MSM, I doubt the media here will say anything, they’ve already surrendered to the cultists of islam but it would be a good to see some outlet here with some cahones. Oh yeah, and as a final word, here’s one of my favorites from the “offensive cartoons“

So today I see this:


Seems the editor got acquitted, and now the jihadists are going to sue yet again to limit freedom of expression.

Paris, 22 March (AKI) – France’s largest Muslim organisation, the conservative Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF) on Thursday vowed to appeal a verdict by a Paris court acquitting satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo’s editor of insulting Muslims by reprinting caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. “We do not understand a ruling that describes one of the cartoons as shocking but says this is freedom of expression,” said UOIF president, Lhaj Thami Breze in a statement.

Got news for ya there Achmed, “freedom of expression” is sometimes shocking. It’s not “freedom of boring expression”, it’s freedom of expression. Meaning you get to say what you want!

The trial was seen as an important test for freedom of expression in France and applause broke out in the courtroom when the verdict was read out. It ruled that the Danish cartoons republished by the weekly in February 2006 were not insulting to the Muslim community. The cartoons were covered by freedom of expression laws and were not an attack on Islam, but on fundamentalists, it said.

Whether it was insulting or not it doesn’t matter, it’s still freedom of expression. It’s a good thing that the editor, Charlie Hebdo, didn’t get convicted and that there is some semblance of sanity in France. Two of the leading candidates for President in France came out in defense of Hebdo also.

Charlie Hebdo in February surprised the court with a letter of support from Sarkozy. “I prefer an excess of caricatures to an absence of caricatures,” he wrote. Although he has often been the butt of Charlie Hebdo’s humour, Sarkozy said he backed “the right to smile at everything.”
Socialist Party president Francois Holland and centrist Union for French Democracy (UDF) leader Francois Bayrou – another rising presidential candidate – also made depositions to the court defending Charlie Hebdo. The weekly called more than a dozen politicians and witnesses at the trial.

While I don’t know eithers political leanings or even whether or not they will be friends of America, I think it’s a good thing that they are defending basic freedom of expression.

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  1. 1 On March 23rd, 2007, Merlyworm said:

    How come so many people don’t realize that freedom of expression/speech doesnt mean ‘freedom from offensiveness’? Nobody has the right to not be offended… This includes muslims, btw.

  2. 2 On March 28th, 2007, Jackson said:

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