14th March 2007

Isn’t this like inviting the fox to the henhouse?

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The battle against global islamic aggression is much larger then Iraq/Afghanistan. I’ve posted numerous times about Somalia and heres some of the latest from there.

Somalia: AU Calls Islamists for Negotiations While Hawiye Clan Endorses the Plan

The Islamic Courtsl in Somalia had been routed, sent running into hiding. Now the African Union wants to bring them to the table to discuss a unity government bringing all the parties together.

Paddy Ankunda, the AU spokesman in Somalia, told Shabelle in an interview yesterday that the AU mission in Somalia was determined to call all the leaders of the routed Islamic Courts Union to return to Somalia and be part of the solution to the crisis in the anarchic nation of Horn of Africa.

Ok, look I better then alot of people, realize what a mess Somalia is, and has been. However, it’s been the Islamic factions that have kept the country in such a mess most of the last 10 years (yes it was bad before that too), but seriously does anyone expect the Islamic Courts to show up for negotiations and keep things peaceful? Sure they might pretend to negotiate in good faith but any time they want to they will feign insult and it will start up again. The tribal clans in Somalia are very influential and the Hawiye clan is about the most powerful. Ahmed Dirie spokesman for the clan had this to say:

The clan spokesman, Ahmed Dirie, told Shabelle last night, that Hawiye welcomed the statement of the AU forces in Somalia. “The remarks of the AU mission spokesman, Ankunda, were remarkable and solvable to the crises in Somalia. Hawiye clan welcomes the establishment of peaceful dialog between Islamic Courts leaders and the transitional government,” he said.
Dirie indicated that statements of African Union in Somalia could make a difference in the volatile city, “if they were not meant for any other political purposes“, he said.

I think, that at least Dirie, is keeping an eye open here. Why would the AU invite the Islamic Courts to the table? Could it be that many of them are islamic countries? I wonder what Ethiopa has to say about all this? It was their forces that aided the transitional government in routing the Islamic Courts? This could be a situation where the fighting starts again very soon, if things are done right.

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