15th February 2007

France stands up against Al-Qaeda

For those of you who’ve read many of my articles knows that I am anything but a fan of the French government. I feel the government stands idly by while Islamic driven anti-semitism runs rampant as well as laying down on the battle against global jihadist movement. HOWEVER, tonight I saw this article and wanted to write a little giving the French government some props (the cynic in me says not to expect this often and to wait for it’s chance to come back out). Seems the French intelligence agencies have arrested 11 people accused of being part of a recruiting ring for jihadist activities in Iraq.

The French anti-terrorist police arrested 11 people they asserted were connected to a Qaeda recruiting network for the insurgency in Iraq, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

Wow, sounds like France is helping us in Iraq! Let the mea culpas from those who’ve blasted them as laying down to islam begin! Ok wait, let’s think about this..you know the old adage…if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is right? France is helping America by stopping recruiting for the insurgency in Iraq? Say What? I’ve always had the feeling that Chirac would pay the airfare out of his own pocket for any Islamic terrorist in France who wants to go to Iraq and bloody American soldiers. So just to make sure I’m not misreading things I do some more reading of articles etc…look for proof of a sea change or even a little wave of change in Chirac’s attitude towards the US. That’s when the cynic in me finds this article and jumps on with both feet.

A French intelligence report says that France is being targeted by al-Qaeda, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Friday.
The report warned decision makers of a series of scenarios, including a terror attack which will take place ahead of the presidential elections in a bid to influence their results.

Al-Qaeda trying to influence a European election? Anyone remember Spain? Perhaps the 11 people arrested weren’t recruiting for Iraq but rather for attacks in France? Seriously, isn’t the only reason there is terrorism in the war in Iraq and Bush right?

The report added that “what contributes to the severity of the threats is that senior al-Qaeda members need to prove that they can still exert their influence in Europe and not only in the traditional jihad countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Well I’m sure all the terrorists are in Iraq now and the French have nothing to worry about right?

The report detailed four “threat centers” from which the activists would emerge. The first is “the Iraqi networks”: Hundreds of Muslims with a European citizenship who volunteered to fight in Iraq against the US army and returned last summer to Europe. Since their return, they have been working on building secret cells or preparing terror attacks.

Most interesting, to me, out of these four “threat centers” was this one here:

A fourth source of concern for France, and perhaps the most severe, is the organizations in North Africa, mainly those affiliated with a radical Islamic organization in Algeria. The leader of this organization has threatened France several times in the past two years.

This was especially interesting in light of this article:

Algiers, 13 Feb. (AKI) – Six people died and another 16 were wounded in a series of explosions on Tuesday targeting police stations and government offices in the Kabylia area in eastern Algeria, satellite television al-Arabiya reported. At least five car bombs exploded in the cities of Tizi Ouzu and Bourmedes in attacks police believe were carried out by the Salafite Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC).
The GSPC is believed to have recently changed its name into the Organisation of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb after it pledged allegiance last year to the international terror network led by Osama bin Laden.
An Algerian Islamic insurgency started in 1992 after authorities cancelled elections an Islamist party was poised to win.
The insurgency is now conducted by the GSPC with an estimated 500 militants, significantly less than in the 1990s when some 30,000 insurgents operated in the country. Militant strongholds are located in Algeria’s mountains and parts of the southern desert

So one of the 4 “threat centers” is already highly active and on the move. Perhaps the French really weren’t helping to “stop recruitment for terrorists in Iraq” but rather save themselves for being hit by terrorism. I’m not against that, heck I’m thrilled when any of the cult of islam terrorists get bagged, but hey call it what it is. This action plus a French newspaper posting some mohammed the molester cartoons shows that France might actually be standing up to threat against it’s culture.

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