20th February 2007

Nice hot cup of STFU

So..there are so many things out there today that make me want to serve up some hot STFU to people. Let’s start with this article here from the New York Post. Seems there is a major push going on in NYC to let illegal immigrants vote.

Immigrant-rights activists yesterday renewed their push to allow legal noncitizens to vote in the Big Apple.

Now let me see if I get this straight..break into our country..steal our resources…get to participate in the voting process? Let’s see what else that little article says:

“More than 50,000 adult noncitizen taxpayers in those two districts are disenfranchised by citizenship voting laws,” said Cheryl Wertz, of New Immigrant Community Empowerment, referring to today’s special election for council seats in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Seems like the real problem in Brooklyn and Staten Island is not “disenfranchised people” but rather a severe lack of immigration control! Sure 99% of the American population immigrated here, but most of our ancestors didn’t sneak into the country, flaunt the laws, and then demand equal rights. They were hard working people, struggled to assimilate into the country, come here legally and become part of the process that is America. Not come in under the cover of night, break the laws and then demand the process change to suit them.

Another cup of STFU goes to all the talking heads on TV who only mention the bad about Iraq. One of my daily read’s is Iraq the Model, a pair of brothers blogging from Baghdad about what’s going on out there. Here’s some of the sunshine that you won’t see breaking through the clouds of your nightly news.

Al-Sabah reports that yesterday alone 327 families returned home and that the scene of vans loaded with furniture of refugees leaving Baghdad is no more. There were times when the average was around 20 a day. The 327 figure brought the total to more than 500 families across Baghdad

So instead of people fleeing the violence in the city you have a surge of families moving home, coincidentally right at the time that President Bush’s troop surge is happening. That’s not something you will see on the news or the talking heads from the Dhimmicrat party talking about.

Another cup of STFU can go to Iranian officals who have the “cahones” to blame America for formenting attacks inside it’s country.

The Iranian government, which has blamed ethnic unrest in the southeast on Britain and the United States, accuses Righi and his militants of being “hired by foreign powers” to carry out attacks, funded by the US and in cooperation with Pakistan’s intelligence.

Well excuuuuse me (all apologies to Steve Martin), but here drink this cup of STFU. Everyone in the military, the intelligence community, and I’m quite sure the news media is pretty confident that Iran is directly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths in Iraq. Read this article for some more clarity on that subject.

While on the subject of Iran, where are all the frigging bleeding and bleating heart liberal politicians and watch groups while this is going on?

Ahmad Batebi, an activist with Iran’s students’ movement jailed since 1999, is in very serious condition after reporting a concussion at Tehran’s Evin prison but was transferred back to jail despite the protests from the hospital where he was treated, his wife Sommayeh Bayyanat denounced on Tuesday. Batebi was arrested in July 1999 after he became a symbol of the students’ movement following the publication on the front page of British magazine The Economist of a picture of him holding the bloodied shirt of a fellow student killed by police at a students’ rally.

Lot of frigging liberals have a Che shirt but why isn’t Batebi’s face on shirts celebrating his stand against oppresion?
The last cup of STFU goes to all those pali-animal supporters through out the world who bash Israel while supporting Hezbollah and the palestinian animals. This one is a double sized cup, with some going to those Hezbollah as “freedom fighters” supporters..why are you so silent when things like this happen:

Hezbollah militants have forced a unit of French military medics to leave the southern Lebanese town of Marun al-Ras, on the order of the local municipal authorities, sources from the UNIFIL multinational peacekeeping force have told Adnkronos International (AKI).

Hezbollah is doing a great job standing up to a bunch of medic’s and making them leave a town. Wonder what those evil zionist medics were doing? Healing people maybe? “Get out of our town with your evil western band aids and anti-biotics”-Nasrallah. Now for the Palestinian supporters..I refer you to this blog Girl on the Right (recently linked and I must say a very enjoyable read” who documents a anti-Israeli protest in Canada in front of a Jewish owned business. Seriously folks, while the Islamics will gladly accept your protests on their behalf now, make no bones about it, if they ever get control of your country your protests will be met with beheadings, torture and strict slavery under Sharia.

There are so many other things, people, and events that need a cup of STFU but I can’t write about all of them at this time. People, open not only your eyes but your mouths about what is going on out there. Evil wins when good people stand by and do/say nothing! The ostrich defense system of keeping our heads in the sands while this rampant stupidity runs wild will only make matters worse.

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