1st February 2007

The French concede………..again

So, unless you’ve been under a rock the last few years you know that Iran has been trying to get nukes, threatening America and Israel, and basically thumbing their nose at the rest of the world. This is something that’s going to get nasty sooner rather then later..probably right around the time a Democrat wins the White House and Ahmedinejad feels safe from attack (let’s face it…would a democrat scare in the white house scare anyone other then Republicans?).

Most of the world, well the parts of the world not getting guns from Iran or making money off them, are against this and are working either behind the scenes or in front of them to try and stop Iran from getting these nukes. Let’s face it, they get a nuke or 3 and we will have REAL problems in the middle east. So Chirac over in WhiteFlagLand er France has decided to be proactive and is already surrendering to Iran on the Nuke issue. Seems now he’s got no problem with Iran having 2-3 because in his words.

“I would say that what is dangerous about this situation is not the fact of having a nuclear bomb,” he said. “Having one or perhaps a second bomb a little later, well, that’s not very dangerous.

Sure 1 maybe 2 are ok..1 for Israel and one for them to try and get over at America. He goes on to say

“But what is very dangerous is proliferation. This means that if Iran continues in the direction it has taken and totally masters nuclear-generated electricity, the danger does not lie in the bomb it will have, and which will be of no use to it.”

Now how does that sentence make any sense? What if Iran has tons of Nuke generated electricity it won’t need a bomb? Will that type of electricity all of a sudden make Islam a peaceful religion able to get along with Jews and Christians without wanting to behead them or make them slaves? Oh wait Chirac goes on to offer a totally plausible reason why Iran wouldn’t be a threat with nukes.

“Where will it drop it, this bomb? On Israel?” Mr. Chirac asked. “It would not have gone 200 meters into the atmosphere before Tehran would be razed.”

Um Dude…you know that cult followers of Islam believe that they get 72 virgins yadda yadda if they die killing Jews and Infidels so you think Ahmedinejad is worried about Tehran getting razed if he gets to take out Israel? Please the guy is a 12th Iman nutcase who would like to see a destabilized world since he believes that will usher in the return of his Iman. So tell us again why it’s ok for Iran to have a “few nukes”?

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