15th August 2006

Time for a cup of STFU

Ok, I totally get politicians attempt to garner votes through promising things. I understand pork but I have problems with 2 attempts by politicians lately.
The first is Rep. Cardin down in Maryland who’s trying to win a primary. Did he promise pork or do a little pandering? No, here’s what he promised.

“We are going to lick cancer by 2015,” Cardin told a group of 15 people at the HopeWell Cancer Support Center on Falls Road.

Oh we are, are we? I mean sure I hope so, but seriously to state it like that? Sure I know alot of cancer specialists have stated goals to make certain cancers obsolete or easily curable by then but that’s not what was said by Cardin. See this is an example of misuse of the english language to imply certain things to people, it’s pandering and promising in it’s worse form. Rep. Cardin, here’s your nice cup of STFU. Enjoy and be quiet.

Now, I have another cup ready to go. This one goes to Senator Barack Obama. Before I tell you what he did to deserve the cup, I have to tell you. I like Obama. He’s smooth, well spoken, knowledgable about what’s going on, and he’s kind of moderate compared to many Dem’s. However, he’s very deserving of a cup of STFU, but because I like him, he can have marshmallows in his. Here’s what happened. He’s going on and on at a town hall meeting about green house gas, global warming and gas prices. He talks about how SUV’s are so horrible, then what’s he do? He drives away in his GMC Envoy. I mean, really don’t bitch about SUV’s then drive away in one.

Trying to get back into the blogging thing, be patient and for crying out loud post a comment or 2 so I know more then 3 people read this!
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  1. 1 On August 16th, 2006, hdw said:

    If you’re going to promise things you couldn’t possibly control, you might as well make the lie really really big.

  2. 2 On August 18th, 2006, Merlyworm said:

    I love it when this kinda stuff happens. See, its ok for people like Gore and Obsama to do this, but YOU, the unwashed dont need it, so you should NOT have an SUV. chuckle

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